There are two types of liquor licenses – one type is a new liquor license for a permanent establishment such as a restaurant or retail store; the other is a Special Occasion Permit, which is for a special, one-time event.


Permanent Establishments

Liquor licensing for a permanent establishment (e.g., restaurant, bar) is granted by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Information of obtaining a license is available on-line or maybe obtained by contacting the AGCO at 416-326-8700, or by visiting them at:

90 Sheppard Avenue East
Suite 200
Toronto, ON
M2N 0A4


The application includes a Municipal Information Form which must be filled out by the applicant and provided directly to the County Clerk’s office at:

County Clerk
Norfolk County
50 Colborne St S, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4H3
[email protected]


The processing fee for the Municipal Information Form is $80.00, payable by cheque, cash/debit, or credit card.

The Clerk’s office processes the Municipal Information Form, as follows:

  • Receives the document completed by the applicant and payment (payment can be made at Suite 100, 185 Robinson Street, Simcoe)
  • Confirms the “wet/damp/dry” status and completes the municipality’s portion of the form.
  • Returns the original completed form directly to the AGCO and a copy is provided back to the applicant with a letter stating that the County Clerk has not received confirmation on the following:
    • That there are no outstanding orders to comply against the property.
    • That the use is in compliance with the Zoning By-law.
    • That the premises have Norfolk County Fire Services approval
    • That the establishment has the appropriate business license(s).

It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain an Agency letter of approval from applicable agencies and/or other County departments.

The Clerk’s office will contact you when the Municipal Information Form and letter are ready. Processing time may take up to five (5) business days.

The application package also requires Agency letters of approval from Norfolk County Fire Services, Norfolk County Building Department, and Norfolk County Public Health. The Clerk’s office does not forward your application to those areas; this is the applicant’s responsibility. Please ensure you contact these County services to obtain any necessary approvals. Depending on the nature of business conducted at the permanent establishment, a business license may also be required.


Special Occasion Permits

Special Occasion Permits (SOP’s) are also granted by the AGCO – hover over the “Alcohol tab” and select the applicable Special Occasion Permit type for more information.

As of April 1, 2018, the AGCO will only accept applications through the iAGCO portal, available at iAGCO. As of that date, the LCBO will no longer accept or process paper applications for SOPs.

There are three types of occasions where an SOP may be issued: Private Events, and Industry Promotional Events.

The following provides information specific to Public/Outdoor Events, and the requirements of the AGCO and Norfolk County.


Private Events

Private events must follow notification provisions as outlined in Ontario Regulation 747/21, section 10 by providing notice in writing at least 10 days before the date of the event to the:

If a tent is being erected, a building permit may be required.


Public Events

As per Ontario Regulation 747/21, section 10, an applicant for Public Event SOP must provide notice in writing to the County Clerk, Norfolk County Fire Services and Norfolk County Public Hearing, informing them of the event and identifying the physical boundaries (detailed sketch):

  • at least 30 days in advance for events where fewer than 5,000 people are expected to attend, and
  • at least 60 days in advance for events where more than 5,000 people are expected to attend.

If a tent is being erected, a building permit may be required.

Public Event permits may only be issued to:

  • A registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada)
  • A non-profit organization or association organized to promote charitable, educational, religious or community objects; or
  • An event of municipal, provincial, national or international significance.


Events/applicants requiring municipal significance by Norfolk County must submit an application on the prescribed form to the County Clerk’s office. Processing of applications may take up to six (6) weeks. Any requests submitted with less than five (5) business days notice cannot be guaranteed to be completed and will be subject to a $145.00 application fee.

Once notification is received of the event from the applicant, it will be circulated to various departments, the Mayor and local Councillor(s) for their information and consideration. If there are no objections to the event, the Clerk will approve the request. If the County Clerk refuses the application, the applicant has a right to appeal, in writing, to Council. Appeals should be submitted to [email protected] and will be considered at the next scheduled Council meeting. No appeal in writing shall be considered in instances where the requestor has not met the regulated notification timelines established by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The Clerk’s office is committed to ensuring this process is smooth and efficient. If you are having an event requiring a letter of municipal significance or no objection, please be sure to submit the required application to the [email protected] at least six (6) weeks before your application is due to the AGCO.


Municipal Significance