Photo of Mayor Martin

Norfolk County recognizes that affordability continues to be an issue for many of its residents. In response, Norfolk County is introducing the Mayor’s Affordability Roundtable.

The purpose of this roundtable is to provide a road map highlighting how the County can identify and execute affordability priorities in an array of areas, including housing.

The deadline to apply to be a member of the Affordability Roundtable is September 12, 2023.

Norfolk County plans to consider new ideas and initiatives through the Affordability Roundtable.

Such as (but not limited to):

  • Partnership opportunities with local businesses, developers and other organizations
  • Considering how to make life more affordable for Norfolk County
  • Identifying ways that the County can provide in-kind services to residents
  • Identifying opportunity gaps and initiatives to lobby upper levels of government

To learn more about the Affordability Roundtable, please refer to the links below.

Are you interested in being involved?

To ensure an equitable approach, a diverse group of interested individuals will be selected to participate. This may include those involved with non-profit organizations, developers, or those that have first-hand experience with affordability challenges. If you think you have relevant experience that would contribute to the Affordability Roundtable, please apply.

To apply to be a volunteer member of the Affordability Roundtable, please complete the following application.

The deadline to apply to be a member of the Affordability Roundtable is September 12, 2023.

If you require a printable application form, please contact the Office of the Mayor at: [email protected].

We appreciate your interest in a position on the Affordability Roundtable. Only selected applicants will be contacted with further information.