Norfolk County wants to know how it can support good quality of life for local workers.

In partnership with Workforce Synergy, Norfolk is conducting a survey of people, aged 15+, who live or work in the county, to understand how workers feel about their community, government services and environment. The Norfolk Worker Survey includes questions about work-life satisfaction, job opportunities, access to health care, transit, recreation, community amenities and confidence in local government.


The survey takes 5 minutes to complete. It can be taken here:

Stakeholder Forum

In addition to the survey, community organizations, including employment agencies and business groups, are invited to participate in a forum discussion on their assessment of local quality of life needs. Community organization representatives can register here for the Quality-of-Life Stakeholder Forum on July 11th, 2024.

Gaps and opportunities identified through this research will be used to develop strategic priorities that promote the well-being, satisfaction and overall quality of life for individuals who live and work in Norfolk County. This proactive approach helps us meet our workforce’s needs and is critical to supporting community prosperity and long-term economic development.