It is the duty of each employee of Norfolk County Emergency Medical Services to:

  1. Serve the ill, injured, general public and fellow employees in a responsible and conscientious manner;
  2. Ensure the safety of patients and provide the most appropriate care within training and skills;
  3. Respect the rights of patients and ensure patient confidentiality is maintained;
  4. Maintain a constant state of readiness to respond to medical emergencies;
  5. Conduct business operations in a professional manner avoiding any practice likely to be detrimental or disgraceful to the service of fellow employees;
  6. Uphold standards set down by Norfolk County Emergency Medical Services;
  7. Provide service in accordance with the Ambulance Act, being guided by the 5 principles of effective Service Delivery; accessible, integrated, seamless, accountable and responsive This requires Norfolk County E.M.S. to have at least one Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) level trained on duty at all times at all bases. Norfolk County currently employs 50 full time Paramedics, 26 part time Paramedics, 6 part-time contract positions, 6 E.M.S. Management staff and 1 full time Divisional Support Clerk.
  8. Norfolk County E.M.S. has a legislated response time, sudden cardiac arrest calls within 6 minutes 50% of the time, for CTAS 1 calls within 8 minutes 50% of the time, for CTAS 2 calls within 13 minutes 85% of the time, for CTAS 3 calls within 13 minutes 85% of the time, for CTAS 4 calls within 20 minutes 90% of the time and for CTAS 5 calls within 30 minutes 90% of the time.

NORFOLK COUNTY E.M.S. provides prompt transportation and initiates pre-hospital care for the patient in both emergency and non-emergency situations. We provide services based on the individual’s needs with respect for human dignity within our defined areas and to the best of our ability and training.