This video series will help you learn about the role of planning, applications, policies, and more.

Planning 101 with Mayor Amy Martin and Tricia Givens

This video features Mayor Amy Martin talking about all things Planning with Tricia Givens, Director of Planning at Norfolk County. You’ll learn about the role of Norfolk County Council in Planning and Development decisions and get answers to some of the most common Planning-related questions Mayor Martin hears from residents.

Official and Secondary Plan

Learn about what the Official Plan is and how it is developed with community input to ensure that future planning and development meet the needs of our community. This video also provides an overview of how the Secondary Plan addresses the growth and development of a specific area

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Planning Applications

This video explains the four main types of Planning applications and provides an overview of the pre-consultation meeting, the first step in the planning application. 

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Zoning identifies different land use zones, for example, commercial, agricultural or residential, what they can be used for, and any required standards, for example, building size and location. Watch the video to learn more about zoning.

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Severance is a planning process to reconfigure a parcel of land, generally for the purpose of a new development within the new lot. Watch this video to learn more about the three most common types of severances.

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Subdivisions and Condominiums

Watch this video to learn more about the difference between subdivisions and condominiums, how they are approved, and how residents are informed.

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Site Plan Control

Site plan control is a tool that planners use to evaluate a proposed development to ensure that site features and elements such as walkways, parking areas, landscaping, and many other technical features meet specific standards. Watch the video to learn more about site plan control.

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