Norfolk County is divided into 11 fire districts. These districts are based on the principle of providing the appropriate fire or rescue service in the best possible time frame. Each fire district is serviced by a fire station. Fire stations vary in size and capability according to the fire protection and rescue needs of the fire district. The fire districts do not operate independently since all operations are coordinated through a common fire dispatch centre and it is very common for firefighters and fire apparatus to respond from more than one station to an incident, depending on the need. All fire stations are staffed by volunteer firefighters. Norfolk County has 254 volunteer firefighters. Fire stations are managed by a District Chief with the assistance of a Deputy, Captains, and various specialty ranks. The Fire Department meets its Federal, Provincial, and Municipal mandates through the skilled and dedicated efforts of Administration, Programs, Enforcement, and Operations staff. The Department has organized these activities into a number of Bureaus and Districts for management convenience.


Fire Stations

  • Station #1 – Culver Street in Simcoe
  • Station #2 – Nelson Street in Port Dover
  • Station #3 – Main Street in Waterford
  • Station #4 – Teeter Street in Teeterville
  • Station #5 – Argyle Avenue in Delhi
  • Station #6 – Main Street in Courtland
  • Station #7 – Queen Street-Hwy 59 in Langton
  • Station #8 – County Road 28 in Fairground
  • Station #9 – Erie Street in Port Rowan
  • Station #10 – County Road 16 in St. Williams
  • Station #11 – Brock Street in Vittoria

Norfolk County Fire Department


Administration Headquarters

183 Main St.
Delhi, Ontario, N4B 2M2
Phone: 519-426-5870 or 226-NORFOLK
Fax: 519-582-4571