All dogs within Norfolk County are required to be licenced. Failure to do so
will result in fines being issued to the owners of unlicensed and untagged dogs.

The fees for 2020 Dog Licences are as follows:

Up to and including February 1, 2020
$25.00 per spayed/neutered dog
$38.75 per intact dog
After and including February 2, 2020
$32.25 per spayed/neutered dog
$43.75 per intact dog


For dog owners, please fill out our 2020 Dog Tag Application Form before arriving at any of the locations below:

County Administration Building
50 Colborne Street, Simcoe
(519) 426-5870

Robinson Administrative Building
185 Robinson Street, Simcoe
(519) 426-5870
Langton Administration Building
22 Albert Street, Langton
(519) 875-4485
Delhi Administration Building
183 Main Street, Delhi
(519) 582-2100
Simcoe Public Library
46 Colborne Street, Simcoe
(519) 426-3506
Port Rowan Public Library
1034 Bay Street, Port Rowan
(519) 586-3201
Delhi Public Library
192 Main Street, Delhi
(519) 582-1791
Waterford Public Library
15 Main Street, Waterford
(519) 426-3506
Port Dover Public Library
713 St George Street, Port Dover
(519) 426-3506
Paulmac’s Pet Food
95 Queensway West, Simcoe
(519) 428-2360
Ruffin’s Pet Centres
140 Queensway East, Simcoe
(519) 426-7441
Pet Valu
470 Norfolk St. S, Simcoe
(519) 426-3709
Hillside Kennels
786007 Township Rd. 6, Innerkip


Kennel Licenses

For kennel owners, please fill out our 2020 Dog Kennel Licence at the following location:

Norfolk County Administration Building
50 Colborne Street South, Simcoe
(519) 426-5870

Q & A

Why Licence Your Dog?

Dog licence tags help to identify lost dogs effectively and reunite them with their family as quickly as possible. The purchase of a dog licence also helps to supplement the cost of animal control within Norfolk County, encouraging responsible pet ownership. Animal Control helps to ensure dogs, do not harm people, other animals or property throughout the County.

What about micro-chipping?

Micro-chipping is not required by the County, however it is encouraged as an additional measure to identify lost pets. (Contact your veterinarian for information on micro-chipping)

What happens if my dog is lost?

If your dog is licenced with us and is wearing its tag, Animal Control makes every effort to contact you prior to taking your dog to the pound. If your dog is lost and has no tag (or isn’t wearing the tag), contact Norfolk County Animal Control at 1-888-469-3247 to inquire if your dog has been picked up.

Dog Licences are required by law. Refusal to purchase a dog licence may results in fines being issued under Animal Care and Control By-Law 2014-46