Norfolk County ‘Simple Sort’ Recycles.

Norfolk County recycles using the 2-box ‘Simple Sort’ system. Instead of putting all of our recyclables in or beside a recycling box, resident now separate recyclables into two boxes.

Use the small recycling box you already have (blue or black doesn’t matter) for paper products such as newspapers and magazines, paper packaging such as boxboard cartons for cereal and tissues and the bag of plastic bags.

Use the new, tall, black box for container packaging such as metal cans, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles and tubs. Refer to your ‘Simple Sort’ Recycling Guide for complete details concerning what is recyclable and how to prepare materials.

Tall Black Box

A tall black box was delivered to every house and business that sets recyclables at the curb for collection. If you did not get or don’t have a tall, black box or a ‘Simple Sort’ Recycling Guide (also available here), call or visit County Customer Service at:


183 Main Street of Delhi, Delhi
519-582-2100 or


50 Colborne Street South, Simcoe


22 Albert Street, Langton


We’ve Added New Materials That You Can Recycle

Have a look at the recycling guide to learn about the new materials you can recycle. If you want, you can start saving those materials, but don’t put them out for collection until after ‘Simple Sort’ starts in May!

Simple Sort 2-Box Recycling Guide