Current Bidding Opportunities

To View Bid Documents

Click on the document name to view an Acrobat version of the bid document or advertisement as applicable.

To Obtain Bid Documents

Official bid documents must be obtained from the department as outlined in the bid document. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of your bid.

If a bidder has downloaded the bid document from this website, it is the reponsibility of the bidder to monitor the website for any addenda issued.

Bid Submissions

Sealed formal bid requests must be clearly marked as to contents and will be received at the Norfolk County Administration Building, Corporate Support Services, 50 Colborne Street South, Simcoe, ON, N3Y 4H3 before 2:00:00 p.m. on the day of closing.

Occasionally, quotations (under $50,000.00 expenditure) will be posted on the web site to allow ease in accessibility to view bid documents. Please review the documents carefully for information regarding the bid closing date, time and location.

Unofficial Bid Results

Unofficial bid results will be posted within the Description/Document column for a minimum 2 week period after the day of closing. Pricing detailed in the bid result documents are the prices that are “read out” at the public opening. Prices are subject to change if there is found to be a discrepancy between the unit and extended pricing as per the Purchasing Procedures. Exclusion: some pricing may not be provided in a public forum as required by the Municipal Freedom of Information Act.

Annual Equipment Rental Rates Roster

2014 Spreadsheet – Equipment Rental Rates – PW-R-14-01


Current Bidding Opportunities

Document Number Document Name Closing Date
PW-E-15-62 Robinson Street Reconstruction 01/20/2015
EBS-OHW-15-01 Provision of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services 01/13/2015
PW-FF-14-40 One (1) Eight-Ton Vibratory Roller 01/13/2015
PW-FF-14-47 One (1) Brush Chopper 01/13/2015
DCS-EBS-15-01 Animal Control Services 01/13/2015
PW-ES-15-01 Bulky Collection Program 2015 01/13/2015
CSD-FRS-14-11 CLOSED Scott SCBA Replacement 12/16/2014
PW-R-15-02 CLOSED Emulsified Asphalt Patching Material 12/16/2014
PW-FF-14-44 CLOSED Disposal Bin Services 12/09/2014
HSS-SH-14-01 CLOSED Affordable Housing Development 12/16/2014
CSD-PFR-14-27 Quotation Courtland Sports Park -Women’s Washroom Upgrade 11/17/2014
CSD-PFR-14-26 CLOSED Accessible / Inclusive Playground – Lakeview Park 11/18/2014
CSD-PFR-14-25 CLOSED Ash Tree Removals 2014 11/18/2014
CSD-FRS-14-08 Quotation Dry Hydrants District 3 10/22/2014
PW-E-14-42 CLOSED Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades – Phase 4 11/04/2014
CSD-FRS-14-09 Quotation Dry Hydrants District 4 10/22/2014
PW-FF-14-41 CLOSED Norfolk County New Office Building & POA Court Architectural Millwork 10/28/2014
CSD-PFR-14-23 CLOSED Sale – Norfolk County Woodlot H1 Timber Harvest 10/21/2014
PW-R-14-30 CLOSED 2014-2015 Winter Liquids 10/21/2014
EBS-ISS-14-01 CLOSED Network Cabling for Robinson Administration Building 11/04/2014


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