To View Bid Documents

Click on the document name to view an Acrobat version of the bid document or advertisement as applicable.

To Obtain Bid Documents

Official bid documents must be obtained from the department as outlined in the bid document. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of your bid.

If a bidder has downloaded the bid document from this website, it is the responsibility of the bidder to monitor the website for any addenda issued.

Bid Submissions

Sealed formal bid requests must be clearly marked as to contents and will be received at the Norfolk County Robinson Administration Building, Corporate Support Services, 185 Robinson Street, Suite 100, Simcoe, ON, N3Y 5L6 before 2:00:00 p.m. on the day of closing.

Occasionally, quotations (under $50,000.00 expenditure) will be posted on the web site to allow ease in accessibility to view bid documents. Please review the documents carefully for information regarding the bid closing date, time and location.

Unofficial Bid Results

Unofficial bid results will be posted within the Description/Document column for a minimum 3 month period after the day of closing. Pricing detailed in the bid result documents are the prices that are “read out” at the public opening. Prices are subject to change if there is found to be a discrepancy between the unit and extended pricing as per the Purchasing Procedures. Exclusion: some pricing may not be provided in a public forum as required by the Municipal Freedom of Information Act.

Accessible Documents

Documents created, adapted or otherwise presented on behalf of the County or to County employees must be made available in accessible formats as required in the AODA and O. Reg. 191/11, for the lifespan of the document.

Unless determined by the County to not be practicable, contractors shall ensure that any information, products, deliverables and/or communication (as defined in the Integrated Regulation) produced pursuant to a Contract shall be in conformity with World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and shall be provided in accessible Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc.

Please refer to the Guide to Creating Accessible Documents for additional information.

Current Bidding Opportunities

Current bidding opportunities.
Document NumberDocument NameClosing Date
CSD-PR-18-17Beach Cleaning/Litter Barrel Services – Port Dover 2018April 27, 2018
PW-E-18-53Misner Dam RehabilitationMay 15, 2018
CSD-PR-18-14Port Rowan Park Multi-Use Sports Pad and PavilionMay 8, 2018
PW-E-18-40Waterford Wastewater Treatment Facility UpgradesMay 15, 2018
PW-ES-18-04Simcoe Sanitary Siphon CCTVMay 1, 2018
PW-E-18-74Municipal Road Inventory and Condition AssessmentMay 8, 2018
PW-R-18-29Supply and Apply and/or Supply and Delivery Granular AApril 24, 2018
PW-E-18-31Sidewalk ReconstructionApril 24, 2018
CSD-PR-18-15ACAC Pool Filter Tank ReplacementApril 24, 2018
PW-R-18-05 CLOSEDSupply of Hot Mix AsphaltApril 17, 2018
HSS-SH-18-01Homelessness Prevention Service ProviderMay 8, 2018
PW-FAC-18-04 CLOSEDJanitorial Services for Five (5) FacilitiesApril 17, 2018
PW-FAC-18-06 CLOSEDHVAC Replacement at Various FacilitiesApril 11, 2018
PW-ES-18-05 CLOSEDExternal Courier Services for Water and Wastewater SamplesApril 5, 2018
DCS-BB-18-01 CLOSEDFeline Control ProgramApril 17, 2018
CSD-PR-18-11 CLOSEDLangton Arena Floor ReplacementMarch 29, 2018
DCS-TED-18-01 CLOSEDNorfolk County Tourism Map and GuideMarch 23, 2018
CSD-PR-18-09 CANCELLEDACAC Pool Filter Tank ReplacementApril 3, 2018
PW-E-18-51 CLOSEDEast Quarter Line, Lot 10 Concession 8, and La Salette Bridge RehabilitationApril 3, 2018
PW-E-18-61 CLOSEDLynn Park Watermain Replacements Phase 1March 27, 2018
PW-FAC-18-01 CLOSEDTalbot Gardens Arena – Boiler and Controls ReplacementMarch 27, 2018
PW-FAC-18-03 CLOSEDLighting Retrofits at the Simcoe and Port Rowan Water Treatment PlantsMarch 28, 2018
CSD-PR-18-07- CLOSEDBarber Surf Rake 400 HDMarch 20, 2018
CSD-PR-18-03- CLOSEDSupply and Service of Portable ToiletsMarch 20, 2018
HSS-PH-18-03 - CLOSEDNicotine Replacement TherapyMarch 7, 2018
HSS-PH-18-02 CLOSEDOutdoor Freestanding Sharps Kiosks and ServicingMarch 7, 2018
PW-ES-18-02 CLOSEDWell Rehabilitation and Well Pump Maintenance Program 2018-2019April 3, 2018
PW-E-18-62- CLOSEDTemperance and Nichol Streets ReconstructionMarch 20, 2018
PW-E-18-30- CLOSEDHot Mix Asphalt ResurfacingMarch 20, 2018
CSD-ACS-18-01-CLOSEDSupply and Installation of Bus Stop AmenitiesMarch 20, 2018
CSD-PR-18-04- CLOSED2018 Spring Tree PlantMarch 20, 2018
CSD-PR-18-01 CANCELLEDACAC Pool Filter Tank ReplacementMarch 6, 2018
HSS-NL-18-01 CLOSEDPharmacy Services for Norview LodgeMarch 13, 2018
PW-D-18-01-CLOSEDByerlay DrainFebruary 27, 2018
PW-ES-18-01 CLOSEDWatermain Condition AssessmentMarch 6, 2018
CSD-PR-18-02-CLOSEDElectric Ice Resurfacer – Waterford ArenaFebruary 27, 2018
HSS-PH-18-01 CANCELLEDNicotine Replacement TherapyMarch 6, 2018
PW-R-18-02 - CLOSEDEmulsified Asphalt Patching MaterialFebruary 13, 2018
PW-PWAS-18-01 CLOSEDInstallation and Integration of Fuel TanksMarch 6, 2018
EBS-ISS-17-02 CLOSEDMonitoring of File and Active Directory ActivityDecember 19, 2017
EBS-ISS-17-01 CLOSEDSupply and Deliver Fiber ConvertorOctober 24, 2017


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