Developing an action plan for all of Norfolk County

Norfolk County aspires to be a place where innovation is at the core of everything we do. As one team, we are true to our roots and we harness change and embrace new ideas in a way that is undeniably Norfolk.

We’re undertaking a strategic priority-setting process meant to help identify the bold, innovative ideas that will transform Norfolk County over the next four years and we need your help.  Our strength as a county comes from the people who live and work in Norfolk. As part of the priority-setting process, we need your energy and ideas to make sure we are doing everything we can to realize our county’s potential.

 After engaging with tens of thousands of residents during the October election, Council is asking for more of your ideas to guide the 2018-2022 term:

  • Exceptional customer service (What can we do to improve your interactions with municipal government?)
  • Thriving businesses (Can we make Norfolk County even more inviting to industry, business owners and entrepreneurs with big ideas?)
  • Vibrant urban areas (How do we make our downtown cores places where people can gather, collaborate and find entertainment?)
  • Strong infrastructure (Roads, bridges, affordable housing – how do we tackles these challenges?)
  • Solid financial foundations (How do we achieve financial sustainability?)

What’s Norfolk County doing right? What could be better? What do you care most about?

We need you to help us decide where Norfolk County goes next. Join the conversation on social media using #UndeniablyNorfolk, and share your ideas for building a county that is undeniably Norfolk!


Prefer to share your ideas with us directly? Submit your ideas below.

Norfolk County’s Strategic Plan – 2014-2018

Final 2015 - 2019 Corporate Strategic Plan
Norfolk County Strategic Plan Executive Summary Brochure 2014 - 2019