Strategic Plan

Norfolk County’s Mission Statement

Norfolk County - Working together with our community to provide quality services.

Seeking Community Input on Norfolk County’s Strategic Plan

Input from residents, community, businesses and local stakeholders is a cornerstone to ensuring that the vision, goals and actions in the Corporate Strategic Plan reflect the needs, values and aspirations of community members. Norfolk County is currently seeking community input. 

Community Engagement Sessions

Residents are also invited to participate in community engagement sessions scheduled for:

  • May 7th  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm in Simcoe
  • May 8th  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  in Langton

 These sessions will to bring together residents, local groups, youth, seniors, business owners and interested individuals to share their ideas on what is important to the future of Norfolk County.

Council and staff are working collaboratively to update the corporate strategic plan that will inform Council decision making and provide direction to staff in terms of future priorities. 

A draft Corporate Strategic Plan will be made available in early fall, 2014 and will be presented to the new Council in early 2015 for approval.

Previous Norfolk County Strategic Plans

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