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Questions and comments should be directed to:
Norfolk County
Planning & Economic Development Services
22 Albert Street
Langton, ON
N0E 1G0
Phone: 519-875-4485
Produced by:
Rebecca Dang, Kevin Judd and Richard Roberts
Because inconsistencies and frequent changes occur in this type of work, Norfolk County cannot be
held responsible for any variations between the printed information and the actual road and signage
infrastructure that may be in existence. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this
document and we would appreciate being notified of any discrepancies that might be found.
Reproducing or recording of maps, text or any other material from this document by any means is
prohibited without the written permission of Norfolk County.
Mapping of Municipalities surrounding Norfolk County is intended for general illustration purposes.
Local mapping for these areas should be consulted for accuracy.
Data Sources:
Norfolk County
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
Version 6, 2013