If you want to do what’s best for your lawn;
If you want to want save money and reduce waste;
grasscycling is the way to grow!
Please don’t fill our landfill with grass clippings!

Grasscycling means leaving your grass clippings on your lawn so that valuable nutrients are returned to the soil. By allowing grass clippings to remain on your lawn, you will add organic matter, which encourages earthworms and soil organisms, and increase the lawn’s resistance to drought, disease, insects and pests.

Leaf and Yard Waste

This program runs continually from April until November, by urban zones as listed, below. Monthly calendars are included below to reference the weeks each zones receives pick up. Click the arrow to expand.

Refer to your 2024 Waste Calendar or view the calendars shown below to learn which weeks are associated with your zone.

All leaves and yard waste must be placed curbside with regular collection in BROWN PAPER LEAF BAGS with the tops rolled shut.