Port Dover Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a phenomenon that attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from across North America to the lakeside community of Port Dover. The event is hosted by the Port Dover Kinsmen and the Port Dover Board of Trade.


The Port Dover Kinsmen are responsible for:

  • Camping in Port Dover @ Kinsmen Park
  • Souvenirs available to purchase at Kinsmen Park
  • Vendors at locations approved by Norfolk County Council
  • Designated visitor parking lots and shuttle bus services
  • Food, refreshments, beer tent in accordance with Norfolk County Municipal Alcohol Policy and Alcohol Gaming Commission
  • Portable washrooms and wash stations


Fire Department

Norfolk County is divided into 11 fire districts. These districts are based on the principle of providing the appropriate fire or rescue service in the best possible time frame. Each fire district is serviced by a fire station. Fire stations vary in size and capability according to the fire protection and rescue needs of the fire district. The fire districts do not operate independently since all operations are coordinated through a common fire dispatch centre and it is very common for firefighters and fire apparatus to respond from more than one station to an incident, depending on the need.