Boards, Committees and Commissions

Norfolk County is currently seeking applications for appointment to various board and committee positions. For more information, see the public notice available here.

To apply to serve as a volunteer on a Norfolk County Board or Committee, interested individuals are invited to apply and submit an Application. Applicants should be a resident or municipal taxpayer in Norfolk County. Some Boards and Committees have additional requirements such as age of majority or citizenship as required by legislation, and each has its own qualification criteria such as skills and experience which is established in the Terms of Reference.

Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Board

TEDAB members

The Norfolk County Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Board (TEDAB ) was established in 2002 for the purposes of advising Council on all matters, issues and policies pertaining to tourism and economic development in Norfolk County. TEDAB also acts as the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) for Norfolk County. To review the Terms of Reference of TEDAB, see the PDF listed below the Minutes and Agendas on this web page.


Current members appointed by Norfolk County Council are Amanda Dooney, Cathy Gilvesy, Wanda Heimbecker, Nicole Inglis, Janice Ketchen, Michelle Kloepfer, Matthew Suckell, Cindy Vanderstar and Chantal Zorad.

Agriculture Advisory Board (AAB)


  • Advise Council on matters pertaining to agricultural issues in Norfolk County;
  • Develop alliances and partnerships between individuals, businesses, organizations and government through financial and other means to advance the County’s strategic plan for agriculture; and,
  • Provide a forum for discussion and coordination of agricultural initiatives and programs with other community groups and agencies.

The AAB meets at least four times per year. The Terms of Reference for AAB is located below the list of Minutes and Agendas on this page.