Disruption:    King Street from Mill/Talbot Streets to Main Street

Reason:  Reconstruction

This service will be unavailable from: Saturday, August 17

To:  November 15, 2019

Alternate routes, facilities or services:  Road will be closed to thru traffic for the full duration with local access provided.  Working hours are 7 am – 7 pm daily.  Local access will be permitted except when excavation is taking place in front of a property.

Sidewalk will be separated from the site using hard fencing.  Short duration sidewalk closures will be required but one side of the street will remain open at all times with signage directing pedestrians to use the other side accordingly.

Thank You for your understanding

For more information contact:  Sierra Infrastructure Inc   Michael  519-421-7413

County Contact:  Dadean Assam  519-521-2100 Ext 6027