Norfolk staff will soon be providing routine fall maintenance to the water mains throughout the County.  

During a flush, hydrants are opened and allowed to flow in a controlled manner in one direction. This increased flow scours pipe walls, cleaning the sediment from inside the water mains.  

The fall schedule is as follows:  

  • Port Dover – September 18 – October 30 
  • Port Rowan – September 18 – September 22 
  • Delhi/Courtland – September 25 – October 16 
  • Waterford – October 16 – October 30 
  • Simcoe – October 23 – December 4 

Discoloured water is a normal side effect of cleaning water mains. If you notice discoloured water, simply run your faucet until it clears.   

Learn more about Water and Wastewater on the Norfolk County website.