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If you are not a registered charity, non-profit association or organization for the advancement of a charitable, educational, religious or community objects, as a person or group (i.e. promoter, for-profit business) you may apply for a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) if the event is designated by the municipality as one of municipal significance.

A municipal designation may take the form of a resolution of Council or a letter from Council’s authorized designate (e.g. municipal Clerk) on municipal letterhead stating that the municipality deems the event as one that is significant for the community. While a particular event may receive a designation from the municipality, the Registrar ultimately decides if the necessary criteria have been met for a SOP to be issued.

A detailed sketch showing the dimensions of the area the permit will apply to, as well as the locations of tents and seating that will be used, must accompany this notice. Please review the AGCO Special Occasion Guide, Section 7 and 8 by visiting: www.agco.ca/.

Completion of this form is required if you are requesting the event to be designated as an event of municipal significance for the purpose of obtaining a SOP. Please allow three (3) weeks for circulation and processing.

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