TAKE NOTICE THAT, the Council of The Corporation of Norfolk County intends to pass a By-Law pursuant to the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act, to designate the Port Ryerse Memorial Cemetery, located on property described as WDH PLAN 17B BLK 4 LOT PLAN municipally known as 31 King Street South, Port Ryerse, within Norfolk County, as being of cultural heritage value or interest.

The following paragraphs outline the reasons each building warrants designation as historical, cultural and
architectural importance to the Norfolk County and protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The following features are specifically noted for its heritage significance:


Design/Physical Value

  • The property is a representative example of an early 18th century burial site. It is a visual reminder and landmark of the history and heritage of the early formative days of Norfolk County including the events and the people who contributed to that history.
  • The property does not display a high degree of craftsmanship or artistic merit.
  • The property is not considered to have a high degree of technical or scientific achievement.

Historical/Associative Value

  • The property has a direct association with the Ryerse family for whom the community of Port Ryerse was named. The cemetery is situated on part of the original land grant given to Samuel Ryerse, United Empire Loyalist, by Governor John Graves Simcoe on September 1796 as a reward for his much documented military service and loyalty to the Crown. The cemetery is the documented burial site of African American freed slave, Charlie Brown and members of his family. It is also the site of the reburial of indigenous remains with the support of Six Nations elders.
  • The property yields, or has potential to yield, information that contributes to an understanding of a community or culture,
  • The property does not demonstrate or reflect the work or ideas of an architect, artist, guilder, designer or theorist who is significant to a community.

Contextual Value

  • The property is important in defining, maintaining and supporting the character of Port Ryerse.
  • The property is historically linked to its surroundings which is documented on a number of memorial plaques and markers in addition to the grave stones themselves
  • The property is a landmark. Any person who objects to the proposed designations may serve to the County Clerk of Norfolk County, not later than the 9th day of July, 2021, a notice of objection setting out the reason for objection and all relevant facts.

Further information respecting the proposed designations is available through:  Aren Plante, Committee Coordinator, 519-426-5870 Ext. 1246.

Notice dated: June 9, 2021