Project: Harbour Street Reconstruction & Street Scaping, Port Dover

Construction Dates: July 2024 – November 2024

Location: Port Dover, ON

This notice is to provide public notification of the pending reconstruction and street scaping of Harbour Street, from the pier to the lift bridge, in Port Dover.

A location map has been provided as an attachment to this notice.  The design drawings are available along with additional information for reference at the following link:



An in person Public Information Centre (PIC) is being held in conjunction with the online information posting to inform key stakeholders and allow for an opportunity to view the construction drawings and consult the project team.

WHERE:       Port Dover Community Centre

801 St. George Street

Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0


WHEN:         Monday, April 17, 2023

                    3:00 – 6:00pm




Harbour Street – Pier to Lift Bridge

  • Partial replacement of sanitary sewer and services
  • Partial replacement of watermain and services
  • Partial replacement of storm sewer and appurtenances
  • New concrete curb and gutter
  • New asphalt road surface and granulars
  • New sidewalk and decorative concrete
  • New decorative street lighting
  • Implementation of street scaping features

Construction Schedule

The construction schedule will be finalized once the pre-construction meeting is held with the contractor.  The tentative construction window starts in July 2024 and continues through to November 2024.  The project will be split in half to allow construction from Main Street to the lift bridge to proceed beginning in July 2024 and construction from Main Street to the pier to commence following the Labour Day weekend in September of 2024.

Access and On-Street Parking

The contractor is required to maintain access to all homes and businesses during construction.  Access to businesses will be by foot only and fencing will be provided to ensure pedestrian safety.  There will be occasions when you may experience some delays, lack of service and inconvenience. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize these occurrences as well as communicate when they are to occur.

We do ask that you refrain from parking on the street during construction activities as this can delay things and prolong the construction period

Sanitary Sewer Servicing

Partial replacement of the sanitary sewer is being completed as part of this project.  Sanitary services will be replaced as required from the main sewer to one metre past your property lines.  You should experience no interruptions with your sanitary sewer during the project.

Watermain Servicing

Partial replacement of the watermain is being completed as part of the project. Your existing water service will be connected at the property line to a new service from the watermain as required.  The contractor and our site inspector will notify you of any interruptions to your water supply that will be required to complete this work.

The contractor may be required to provide a temporary water system for this project. This system will be installed and tested to the same standards of Norfolk County as permanent installations. The temporary distribution system will be connected to your existing service.  This temporary system will allow for the contractor to complete the project efficiently and safely while maintaining water supply to you.

Any disruption during the connection of your water service to the temporary system or to the new permanent system should be minimal.  There may need to be interruptions of longer duration to allow for the main line connections of the new system to the existing system.  You will be notified in advance of these interruptions and provided with some indication of the anticipated duration.

Storm Sewer Servicing

Storm sewer replacement is being completed as part of this project to provide drainage for the new roadway.  Storm services to each property will not be provided by this system.

Street Scaping

The project includes the implementation of street scaping aspects potentially including decorative street lighting upgrades, decorative bollards/pedestrian delineation, decorative planters, decorative waste receptacles, decorative concrete/pavers, decorative benches, etc.

Garage and Recycling

The Contractor is required to maintain the pickup of garbage bags, garbage containers and recycling boxes left at the curbside from abutting residential or commercial properties within the limits of construction.

This may include the picking up of bags, containers and recycling boxes and placing them at a location convenient for pick up by County contractor.  If this is required, empty garbage containers and recycling boxes shall be returned to the respective property owners on the same day.

Please clearly mark all containers and recycling boxes with your address so that they may be returned to the correct location.   All regularly scheduled garbage and recycling pickups shall be maintained regardless of whether the Contractor is working on that day.

Tree Removals

With every construction project comes the removal of some trees for various reasons. Some are at the end of their life span, while others have water and sanitary services within the root areas and would be damaged by construction. Trees deemed to present a hazard or conflict with construction activities will be removed as part of this project. Norfolk County will evaluate the potential for appropriate tree planting opportunities after construction is complete.



The following is a list of contacts for the project:

Norfolk County:

Adam Cave                                                                 Mike King

Project Manager                                                        Director, Engineering

(519) 420-8792                                                          (519) 519-426-5870 or 226-NORFOLK,8012″>426-5870 x. 8012

[email protected]                                [email protected]


During the construction of this project, it is our intention to minimize the impact on your everyday life.  If any special needs or requirements routinely occur during a day or week, we need to be made aware of them in order that the necessary arrangements can be made so that these needs can continue to be met during construction.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the Harbour Street Reconstruction and Street Scaping Project, please contact Adam Cave, Project Manager, at (519) 420-8792