September 25, 2021 – The Visit Norfolk App has only been live for a few days but has already become a local favourite.


“Easy to use, visually appealing and all the info required for a great day trip or overnight stay!” one review reads.


“What a great way to find my way around and check into interesting places,” says another.


Launched by the Norfolk County Economic Development Team, the Visit Norfolk App has replaced the County’s Experience Guide, which was previously printed as a hardcopy annually. It’s chock-full of information about local shopping, arts and culture, and numerous agri-tourism destinations – many highlighting unique offerings ONLY found in Norfolk County.


Craving a special place to eat? Planning a uniquely Norfolk adventure? Visit Norfolk can help. Plan your next weekend excursion, book a golf trip, locate hiking trails, or find the closest brewery for drinks once the day is done, all with a few taps of your smartphone or tablet.


Chris Garwood, Norfolk County’s Economic Development Supervisor calls Visit Norfolk a “must-have mobile digital tool for a community that is looking to delight its visitors with dynamic features, up-to-date business and event information, and the ability to include an unlimited number of tourism partners.”


The app already contains the information for dozens of local companies and will receive consistent updates when new shops and festivals are announced.


“We’re launching today with over 140 businesses, and we hope to see that number grow fast as we promote Visit Norfolk widely while continuing to refine and add new features that visitors to our community will want to use,” said Garwood.


The Visit Norfolk app is a two-year pilot project, funded with the support of the federal government’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund grant program. It includes features like a dynamic map that shows visitors what is around them wherever they are, as well as a trip planning feature that allows users to save things that they see in a ‘favourites’ tab. Additional options that will help Norfolk better engage with various target tourism segments will be rolled out over time.


“We feel that this is going to be a game-changer for both residents of Norfolk, and those who come to visit as well,” said Zvi Lifshiz, Norfolk’s Director, Strategic Innovation and Economic Development. “To have this much information at your fingertips will really enhance the experience for folks who live here and the ones that enjoy spending their holidays in Norfolk.”


If your business would like to be involved, Norfolk’s Economic Development team is actively adding tourism-related businesses that are interested at no charge.


Visit Norfolk is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Additional details can be found at