Norfolk County will soon implement a seasonal parking pilot that will affect the waterfront communities of Port Dover, Turkey Point and Long Point.

Paid parking zones in Port Dover and Long Point will be implemented beginning June 15 and running until September 15, 2022, 7 days per week, within the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Paid parking in Port Dover on Walker St., a portion of St. George St., Harbour St., and Clinton Street will be charged $5/hour with the first hour free.

Parking in Long Point on Abigail Becker Parkway, and Abigail Becker Municipal Parking Lot will come with a charge of $3/hour.

Motorists can register and pay through their mobile device by using HotSpot app, which goes live on June 15 – or use the nearest pay station. For the three-month trial, there will be no transaction fee applied to the parking session.

With the addition of paid parking, two new parking violations added to the parking by-law:

  • Parking in paid parking zone – fail to pay fee – $75
  • Parking in a paid parking zone – expired session – $75

The Seasonal Parking Pilot Project will also include increased fines in all three waterfront communities:

  • Parking in a waterfront area no parking zone – $100
  • Parking in in excess of permitted times in a waterfront area – $75

Violations will be enforced by Norfolk County by-law officers. has been developed to include items such as paid parking maps to a public engagement video link and a brief history of the project.