It’s time to walk, ride, dance, run – however, you prefer to move – to register for programs at the Simcoe Seniors’ Centre.

On September 13, 15, and 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. residents 50 and over can sign up for a host of programs in the Simcoe Recreation Centre parking lot. Options include walking, dancing, darts, pool/snooker, knitting, yoga, scrapbooking, and more.

“We’re so excited to welcome everyone back again this fall,” said Rob Clouston, Simcoe Seniors’ Centre Board President. “There are so many fun activities to choose from, we really do have something for everyone. The recent move to the Recreation Centre back in February has really allowed us to do more for our members and I think everyone coming back and the folks just joining have a lot to look forward to.”

Membership for the year is just $40 and COVID-19 safety protocols will be adhered to including, but not limited to, mandatory masks, screening, and physical distancing. Capacity limits will be posted and members are advised not to visit if they do not feel well.

“The top priority is to ensure that all our members and staff have a great time while also being as safe as possible,” said Susie Wray, Supervisor of Community Programs for Norfolk County. “Last year, the centre had 550 members and we hope that number continues to rise with a much more expansive space.”

Wray noted that while the Seniors’ Centre exists to help keep our residents active and healthy, there’s a great camaraderie that’s built amongst members.

“We see and hear it all the time,” she began. “So many people become a member and immediately make friends with the folks around them. There’s a real kinship that exists between the users they might not have built otherwise.”

For more details, contact Recreation Coordinator Merisa Kriwez at 519-426-5870 ext. 2222 or email

Visit Simcoe Seniors Centre Activities Fall 2021 for more information.