Earlier today, the province announced that Normandale beach will remain public. The province is taking steps to designate Normandale Beach, on the shores of Lake Erie, as an addition to Turkey Point Provincial Park under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 (PPCRA).

For more than a decade the provincially-owned beach had been maintained by the taxpayers of Norfolk County, and in March there were discussions the Province had intended on selling.

“Maintaining public access to beaches and waterways should be a priority of all levels of government, and I am pleased to hear the province has reconsidered selling off this important community asset so that it may be enjoyed by all,” said Mayor Kristal Chopp.

The province has indicated via email that it will be completing an assessment and evaluation of the Normandale beach which will involve consultation with municipal partners, Indigenous communities and members of the public. No details have been provided to Norfolk County at this time.

Further details will be shared with the community as they are received from the Province.

For more information on the history of Normandale beach, visit the Normandale beach information page at