People looking at budget documents

Norfolk County’s 2022 proposed rate supported operating budget is now available for public review.

This will continue the County’s 10-year strategy to balance the infrastructure needs of the water and wastewater system with financial affordability. This strategy was approved through the 2020 rate study, and provides users with known and sustainable rate increases while addressing the gap in annual lifecycle costing.

Based on current operating needs, as well as taking the next step to close the gap in annual lifecycle costing, the net rate requirement is $23,915,400, which is a $1.7M increase, or 7.7 percent, over 2021.

For the average residential user, this translates into an increase of $6.27 per month, or 6.3 percent over the rates charged in 2021.

Council will deliberate the budget on Nov. 9.

All meetings will be live-streamed at