Norfolk County’s proposed 2022 capital plan is now available for public review.

The County’s capital budget covers the maintenance and replacement of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings.

The 2022 plan proposes gross capital expenditures of $671.3M from 2022 to 2031, with $44.0M in projects planned to be initiated in 2022.

The most significant undertaking in the 10-year plan is the Water Supply Solution, which is budgeted at $125.0M, and will provide Norfolk County with a long-term strategy and action on the water supply infrastructure. These projects will be jointly funded through development charges, and water rates.

While Norfolk County will continue to feel strain within the 2022 budget –  through continued diligence with reserve contribution increases, internal policies to manage debt, and the support of surplus property sales – the County will be in a much stronger position to manage these pressures.

The proposed budget will be presented to Council on Nov. 2, with the rate-supported operating budget being presented on Nov. 9, and the levy-supported operating budget on Jan.12 and 13.

All meetings will be live-streamed at

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