While undergoing the Inter-Urban Water Supply study, Norfolk County staff have identified a potential water supply deficiency in Simcoe.

As a result, development applications that have recently been submitted and deemed complete will be processed only to the point of a public hearing. Final decisions will be deferred until allocation and water servicing in confirmed to be available.

This decision is consistent with the Norfolk County Official Plan (Section 8.9.3 – Servicing Allocation and Phasing).

Those who have current development applications in Simcoe may continue to work with their County Planner.

Recognizing the need to better quantify the magnitude of the water supply concerns in Simcoe, staff are engaged in the following activities:

  • Detailed review and update of the County’s development servicing allocation process and numbers
  • Optimization efforts for the existing water supplies, which includes hydrogeological review, well rehabilitations and review of existing pumping rates in order to maximize water supply potential from the existing sources
  • Updating of the existing water hydraulic modelling for the Simcoe drinking water system
  • Ongoing negotiations with Haldimand County for the potential for connection to the Nanticoke Water Treatment Plant
  • Final review of the hydrogeological recommendations related to the development of the Simcoe North East well site

Addressing this potential water supply deficiency remains a top priority for staff, and updates on these activities will be provided to Council as they become available.

For further information on the Inter-Urban Water Supply study, please visit – https://www.norfolkcounty.ca/living/roads-water-wastewater/inter-urban-water-supply/