Please refer to the June 13, 2023 media release for updated information about the paid parking pilot.

Norfolk County Council has elected to extend its Paid Parking Project for lakeside communities. 

In 2022, paid parking was initiated as a pilot project in Port Dover and Long Point from June 15 to September 5  

Staff provided Council with an extensive review of data, including financial results, parking turnover rates, paid parking usage, enforcement results, public survey, as well as consultation with the Port Dover Board of Trade, Long Point Country Chambers of Commerce, Long Point Ratepayers Association and Long Point Business Group 

Based on the review, Council elected to extend the project to run from June 15 through September 52023, with several updates, including:  

  • An increase of paid parking spaces from 182 to 468 

  • Addition of Cedar Drive, Turkey Point and Erie Boulevard, Long Point 

  • Residential permits to be available to Norfolk County residents beginning June 1, at a cost of $35with a reduced rate for additional permits per property of $20 

  • Rate of $4 per hour for all paid parking areas from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m  

  • Four-hour parking limit per day for resident permits; after four hours, the regular $4 per hour rate would apply to any additional time that day 

The net revenue of the project in 2022 was $51,600. Council deferred allocation of the 2022 funding and will allocate revenue for both 2022 and 2023 following a staff report in 2024. Staff will research amenities that could be installed in seasonal waterfront areas to encourage active transportation, including things like bike racks, drinking fountains, foot washing stations, and parking space/lot enhancements.  

“Paid parking is still in a pilot project phase, said Mayor Amy Martin. “This time next year, Council will compare the data from two separate trial runs and determine what is the best fit for our communities in the long run.” 

Martin added that she feels the project will be beneficial in the long run, as it will allow Council to make plans to identify and acquire additional parking and active transportation amenities without adding it onto the tax levy.” 

More information, including details on how to purchase a Residential Pass, will be available on May 15 on the Parking webpage at