Oct. 22, 2019 – Norfolk County’s is always looking for ways to connect with its youth.

With that in mind, the Norfolk County Youth Council will host its very first Coffeehouse Oct. 24 at the Holy Trinity High School Cafeteria from 7 – 9 p.m. The event is open to all ages – residents are invited to sing, read poetry, dance or play an instrument.

Recently, Norfolk’s Council Services Department collaborated with areas of the municipal administration to revitalize youth engagement initiatives. With the hopes of building relationships between local government and area youth, Council Services Summer Student Alexa Leitch organized a one-hour presentation to Norfolk County summer campers.

“The goal was to promote a better understanding and awareness about the operations and services in our municipality; as well as showcase the important role Norfolk County plays in the overall government structure,” said Leitch.

Ward 6 Councillor Amy Martin was in attendance, giving a brief overview on her role on council and the duties she has in serving the public; all while answering the various questions the youth had.

“The next generation of Norfolk County is already watching and listening,” Martin said afterwards. “Leveraging that attention and engagement is vital to building a better community for future years to come. I’m so happy to see Norfolk County staff planning events like this and working on student council committees, I look forward to helping however I can.”

As a way to continue momentum from the summer program, staff will be renewing the ‘Local Government’ event in the fall of 2020. This program allows students to get a glimpse of how municipal government operates and chat with staff directly.

In the interim, tours of Council Chambers and in-class presentations by staff and/or the Mayor and members of Council can be arranged. For more information, contact Stephanie Godby at 519-426-5870 ext. 1237.

Anyone wishing to register for the coffeehouse can email