If you’ve ever thought about serving the community as a volunteer firefighter, now is the time to inquire.

Furthering a commitment to the health and safety of staff and the community, the Norfolk County Fire Department’s yearly recruitment window is open.

No previous experience is required and all training and certification are free of charge. Stations requiring new team members including Simcoe, Port Dover, Teeterville, Langton, Fairground, and Port Rowan. Those willing to serve in the county’s west end are especially encouraged to apply.

Norfolk County is home to 11 stations and responds to about 900 calls per year utilizing a fleet of members and trucks.

Recruits will be subject to a probationary period of 12 months. Firefighters will be provided the necessary training over their first three years to become fully certified firefighters. That training is delivered by the department training officer and a team of specialized instructors (certified and seasoned firefighters). Weekend training sessions are held for selected components that require more intensive instruction. Recruit firefighters will also participate in “regular” weekly fire department training sessions once they are trained in the basics of firefighting skills.

After three months of fundamental training, recruits are gradually integrated into normal fire department operational activities, such as attending emergency calls on trucks, as they develop the necessary skill sets to perform in these environments.

A list of core components makes up training, including emergency patient care, emergency driving, fire chemistry, ground ladder operations, and structural search and rescue.

For more information, or to submit an application, visit