Norfolk County staff and contractors have been working hard to clear roadways as the intense winter storm continues. Currently, most roads in the north and east areas of the County, including Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover, and Delhi, have been cleared. Crews are being redeployed to the west end, including Port Rowan, Long Point, Fairground, Walsingham, Langton, and surrounding areas.   

Hydro One crews have also battled harsh conditions to restore power to many areas of the County and will continue to respond when safe to do so.  

Roads that remain impassable at this time include: 

  • Blueline Road between Highway 6 and Radical Road 
  • South Walsingham, East Quarter Line Road – South of County Road 42 to Lakeshore Road 
  • Highway 59 between 1st Concession South Walsingham to Front Road 
  • East Quarter Line Road between Concession 3 and North Walsingham South Walsingham Townline Road 
  • West Quarter Line between County Road 45 and County Road 21 
  • Hazen Road between County Road 21 and Concession 12 
  • Masacar Lane 
  • West Quarter Line Road between Highway 24 and Charlotteville Road 2 

Residents are urged to take precautions to stay safe, including avoiding unnecessary travel, staying off closed and unplowed roads, and monitoring the weather conditions.  

County Roads staff will continue to monitor snowfall levels and will plow area roads in priority sequence. Residents are reminded to avoid parking on the road to facilitate snow plowing.   

Fallen trees, debris, hydro poles or wires, and accumulations of snow that require immediate attention should be reported to Hydro One emergency line 1-800-434-1235, or to Norfolk County at 1-877-298-5888. These numbers should be used only for emergency concerns at this time.