Aug. 25, 2022 –  A total of 48 candidates are certified to run in the 2022 Municipal Election in Norfolk County. The candidate nomination period closed on Aug. 19, 2022 at 2 p.m. The official list of certified candidates, including those on County Council, and School Board trustee, is as follows:

Dave Bate
Kristal Chopp (incumbent)
Bill Culver
Amy Martin
Ian Rabbits

Ward 1

Tom Masschaele (incumbent)
Randy Mawhiney

Ward 2
Lucas Tulpin
Linda Vandendriessche (incumbent)

Ward 3

Jeanette Gomori-Cole
Michael J. Columbus (incumbent)

Ward 4
Tony Lasanowski
William Murray
Jeff Smrcka
Chris Van Paassen (incumbent)

Ward 5
Peter Black
Doug Brunton
Alan Duthie
Brian Douglas Jones
Kristine Mitchell
Ryan J. Taylor (incumbent)

Ward 6
Peter Butler
Holly Ann Smith
Pamela Taylor
Adam Veri
Adam Wilson

Ward 7
Kim Huffman (incumbent)
Grant Douglas MacDonald
Lana Plank
Lorraine Skarratt

Trustee (English Public, Wards 3 and 7)
Rita Collver
Thomas Waldschmidt
Luanne Ashe
Maria Braun Shelswell

Trustee (English Public, Wards 1,2,4,5,6)
Eva Dixon
Don Werden
Elaine Thomas
Elizabeth Whiton
Eric Gilbert
Johanna Cousineau

Trustee (English Separate)

Carol Luciani
Dennis Blake
Christine Harrop
Emily Van Hooren
Thecla Ross

Trustee (French Public)
David Andre Paradis

Trustee (French Separate)
Eric Sanderson
Dorothée Petit-Pas
Gilles Roy

A list of all the candidates that have been certified by the County Clerk to run in the municipal election is available online at the Norfolk Votes 2022 homepage.

Polling Dates and Locations

Saturday, October 8

  • South Walsingham Hall (Limited Accessibility)
  • Delhi Friendship Center
  • Simcoe Legion
  • Port Dover Lions Community Center

Wednesday, October 12

  • Waterford Legion
  • Langton Community Center
  • Port Dover Lions Community Center
  • Simcoe Salvation Army Church

Friday, October 14

  • Fire Station No. 8 – Fairground (Limited Accessibility)
  • Delhi Friendship Center
  • Courtland Community Center
  • Vittoria & District Community Center

Monday, October 24

  • Port Rowan Community Center
  • Williams Community Center
  • Langton Community Center
  • Courtland Community Center
  • Delhi German Hall
  • Teeterville Fire Station
  • Vittoria & District Community Center
  • Lynnville United Church (Limited Accessibility)
  • Simcoe Legion
  • Emmanuel Bible Church
  • Port Dover Lions Community Center
  • Grace United Church
  • Waterford Legion
  • Villa Nova Baptist Church

For more information about accessibility of our polling locations please contact

Links and Resources

  • Visit Norfolk Votes 2022 for all your election news, updates and information.
  • To confirm if you are on the registered Voters List for the 2022 municipal election, visit Being on the Voters List saves you time when you vote.