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The Norfolk County Public Library (NCPL) is seeking community engagement to help secure funding that will provide further bridging to help close the digital divide experienced by many residents in the community.

NCPL has applied for a $50,000 grant withCommonWell L.E.A.F.’, which helps communities build capacity for growth and connection by expanding MakerSpaces, and purchasing iPads and Chromebooks.

“Your library is a bridge to worlds that can inspire communities and individuals to explore, achieve, build capacity for resilience, and foster the spirit of collaboration,” said NCPL CEO Julie Kent. “Please help us get a grant so we can do more for you.”

Here are some examples of how residents can get involved:

  1. Visit the NCPL CommonWell L.E.A.F webpage link and hit the “add a story” button. Write about the importance of your local library, and how access to technology is important for everyone – or a positive story about using technology at the library.
  2. Hit the “comment” button” and write about the importance of the library in your community and how access to technology is a way to help us connect and create.
  3. Submit a photo of a project created using MakerSpace equipment and other library technologies.
  4. Share on your personal Facebook pages – and ask others to share and make a comment on the NCPL’s project page.

The more Norfolk County residents and library users engage with the project, the better the chances the grant is approved. Submissions are due Nov. 15.

Visit any NCPL Branch, or go to the NCPL website to find out more.