Norfolk County has been made aware of several coyote sightings in the residential subdivision area of Yeager Ave. (east side of the Norfolk Golf & Country Club), Victoria St., and Werret Ave., in Simcoe over the past several weeks.

The coyote(s) have been observed frequently, boldly walking on the road and in both the front and back yards of properties by various residents in the area, mostly in the evening hours.

To date, there have been no reported attacks or aggressive behaviour by the animals towards humans.

After considering all of the circumstances, Norfolk County has determined that the coyotes are a potential risk to humans and their pets. Staff have employed a professional licensed trapper to capture and remove the nuisance animal(s) from the area if possible.

Safety tips:

  • Do not let pets run free at any time. While coyotes typically do not pose a danger to humans, cats and small dogs could be at risk for attack
  • Ensure no food or garbage is left outside that could potentially attract any animals.

When encountering a coyote:

  • Do not run: Avoid turning your back, maintain eye contact and slowly back away.
  • Be big: Appear large and threatening.
  • Be loud: Make loud sounds to help to scare a coyote away. For example, stomping feet, clapping hands, or yelling.
  • Be bold: Display behaviour to scare the coyote away. For example, swing a walking stick or cane, shine a flashlight, throw a tennis ball or a small pebble or stick to scare it away.

Residents may report coyote sightings through email at, or by calling ServiceNorfolk at 519-426-5870 Ext. 0.