Norfolk County is pleased to announce the approval of two local businesses for the Community Improvement Grant (CIP).

Noel and Nancy Degrieck of Delhi will receive a grant of up to $8,265 for façade improvement – and Judd in Law Inc. was approved for a grant up to $5,500 for design, planning and building fees for their property in Simcoe.

Both projects fell under the Building Façade Improvement, Architectural and Design, Planning Application Fee and Building Permit Fee Grants of the CIP.

Incentives are available for architectural design, environmental site assessment, structural improvements, building façades, agricultural building and facilities, residential conversions and rehabilitation, landscaping, signage and property improvement.

Some non-residential projects are also eligible for incentives that apply to properties in urban, hamlet, lakeshore and agricultural areas.

Community Improvement Plans help municipalities target areas in transition or in need of repair, rehabilitation and redevelopment, and stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive-based programs.

Information about CIP incentives is available at, phone 519-426-5870 ext. 1264 or email