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Norfolk County is pleased to announce a new collaboration with LiveBarn Inc. as the official video streaming provider starting November 18. 

This partnership ensures a better viewing experience and greater visibility for families, coaches, scouts, and fans, making games more accessible than ever. 

The service will be available at arenas in Langton, Delhi, Talbot Gardens, and Port Dover.Due to internet delays at Waterford Tricenturena Ice Pad, this service will not be provided at this location until issues are resolved. 

Viewers can download the LiveBarn iOS App or the LiveBarn Android App for easiest mobile viewing – or the LiveBarn tvOS on AppleTV for home theatre viewing. 

“For fans who cannot make it to the game, LiveBarn is an excellent way to stay connected by watching events live or on-demand,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “I’m thrilled Norfolk has partnered with LiveBarn to provide this service to athletes, and their families.” 

LiveBarn is a subscription-based service located in hundreds of arenas across North America. The service allows users to watch events live or on demand for 30 days following the event.  

Other features include: 

  • Save and share 30-second highlights 
  • Download entire games/practices 
  • Tag highlights while watching live, in-venue 
  • Order automated player analysis for individual games (additional per-game cost applies) 

Norfolk residents are eligible for a 10 percent discount using the promotion code:  


Users should note that Norfolk County staff will not handle subscriptions or problems with the service. Customers are encouraged to reach out to LiveBarn directly if they have questions about subscriptions, streaming quality, etc. Contact information can be found at 

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