Justin Hobson

Justin Hobson has been selected as Norfolk’s new Chief of Paramedic Services. 

Hobson, who joined Norfolk in 2021, brings experience working in both Toronto and Bruce County. He has been a champion in the much-acclaimed community paramedicine service enhancement and combines an impressive educational background that includes both primary and advanced care paramedicine programs. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, with a focus on corporate strategies, data analysis, and human resource management. 

“I am personally looking forward to working with Justin on continued partnership building, advocating for additional support and service delivery, and building the very best EMS team in the Province,” said Norfolk CAO Al Meneses. “We expect that many new initiatives and changes within the traditional EMS service model are on the horizon, and we are confident that Justin is the right person to lead our service and community through these changes.” 

“I am excited for the opportunity to serve as Chief of Paramedic Services for Norfolk County, and to lead the team as we navigate challenges and changes in our healthcare system,” said Justin. “I look forward to collaborating with an outstanding corporate team and working alongside a fantastic group of Paramedics who are dedicated to providing exceptional emergency medical services and responding to the needs of our community.” 

“This position faces unique challenges in providing services in both urban and rural settings while embracing evolving approaches to emergency responses within a changing healthcare model that is evolving quickly,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “I’m excited to work with Justin as we continue to tackle these challenges alongside an extremely capable team.” 

Hobson will officially begin his new role on December 11. For more information, including base locations, operational policy, and tips on joining the team, visit Norfolk’s Paramedic Services webpage.