Incremental capacity has been added to Port Dover’s Water Treatment Plant that will allow the County to connect additional properties to the County’s municipal drinking water system.  

In 2019, the County introduced a moratorium in Port Dover that essentially paused new development projects until phased upgrades to the water treatment plant were complete. The first phase of improvements was completed in the Fall of 2022. An additional water treatment process has been temporarily added at the water treatment plant which will provide an additional 1,200 cubic meters of water per day, permitting additional properties to connect to the municipal drinking water system.  

The second phase of improvements, to be completed by Summer 2024, will add an additional 2,100 cubic metres of water per day, bringing capacity up to 7,500 cubic meters of water per day.   

“The expanded water supply in Port Dover is a critical first step to foster responsible growth in our community,” said Norfolk County Mayor Amy Martin. “Multiple water and wastewater upgrades are in progress to support Provincial growth targets and meet the County’s current growth demands.” 

As the County continues to prepare for the increased water capacity and allocation of available water, staff are working with the development community and those currently on cisterns to determine next steps. During this work, staff recently discovered some irregularities related to connections to the municipal drinking water system at some properties and are investigating existing infrastructure. Drinking water remains safe and Norfolk County is fully compliant with all applicable legislation. Additional information will be shared after staff complete their investigations and make recommendations to Council. 

Improvements to Port Dover’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, expected to begin later this year, will increase the plant’s capacity and address aging infrastructure while aligning water and wastewater capacity, to allow for future growth and development.  

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