Truck plowing snow off the road at night.

Norfolk County continues to face winter storm conditions, with the most affected area being the southwest – Port Rowan, Long Point, Fairground, Walsingham, Langton, and surrounding areas.  At this time road crews are diligently working to clear major roads, but with the ongoing conditions of snow and wind, roads will continue to be dangerous for multiple hours in some areas.  In addition to severe snow drifts and ice, there are multiple trees down, and many residences and businesses are without power across the area.   

Norfolk County Emergency Control Group is urging residents to SHELTER IN PLACE and avoid ALL unnecessary travel.  While we understand that plans for the holiday and your families may be affected, we are recommending this for the safety of our roads staff, the safety of our emergency responders and your own safety. 

Residents in the Port Rowan area should be advised that all major routes in and out of town are currently closed and will take time to clear before safely re-opening.  All residents in the southwestern area of the County are facing prolonged hydro outages and obstructed roads with snow, ice, and debris that will be unpassable until staff can safely clear them. 

If you are physically able to leave your residence on foot to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, please do so carefully, with full winter clothing in place, and emergency communication available (cell phone).  Otherwise, we urge you to shelter in your home and not attempt any unnecessary travel. 

Emergency Services have been, and are, staffed and working throughout the storm.  Please help us keep them safe by using 911 for emergencies only.  While conditions continue to be challenging, emergency services response may be delayed significantly. 

Fallen trees, debris, hydro poles or wires, and accumulations of snow that require immediate attention should be reported to Hydro One emergency line 1-800-434-1235, or to Norfolk County at 1-877-298-5888.  These numbers should be used only for emergency concerns at this time. 

Shelter in Place Safety Tips: 

  • With no power, ensure you are minimizing the number of times you open your refrigerator or freezer, to maintain food safe temperatures. 
  • Refuel generators in a well-ventilated area with the engine stopped. When refueling the generator, keep it away from cigarettes, open flames, smoke and/or sparks. 
  • Keep candles away from combustible materials, ensuring they are safely away from children and pets that may knock them over. Lanterns are great items to have around the house to safely enclose candles.  
  • Don’t start fires in your house, you should only do so in a properly installed wood stove or fireplace. 
  • Don’t run generators in your house as these emit deadly carbon monoxide. Generators need to be operated in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Make sure your smoke alarms have working batteries to ensure you are alerted even if your power is out. 
  • Do not leave your vehicle running inside your garage, always leave it running outside of your garage in open air. 
  • Dress in layers for warmth, and use additional blankets, jackets and clothing to retain heat around you.  Heat loss is faster through your head and extremities, so hats, mittens/gloves and warm socks are a must. 
  • Keep all medications in a central area and continue to take them as prescribed. 
  • If you are on home oxygen and your supply is limited and approaching empty, please call your supplier for guidance first, and if no response or ability to assist from them, call 911 (ambulance) for direction. 
  • Any outdoor activity in cold weather places additional strain on your muscles, specifically your heart, so we are recommending anyone with chronic medical conditions avoid leaving their home and minimize any exertion.