The County is aware of the live stream interruption, which occurred online following the in-camera session during the Dec. 7 Special Council meeting and Board of Health meeting.

It was determined that settings for automatic file recording had not been validated, and as such the YouTube video was not recorded.

The live stream to Eastlink reconnected following the closed session and aired successfully.

Recognizing the subpar quality of previous video recording technologies, and in anticipation of returning to Council Chambers, the County recently acquired a new video streaming unit. As Council returns to Chambers and staff move forward using this new technology, it is understood there will be some growing pains, and staff, Council, and Board of Health are hopeful that the public understands the error was unintentional, and as a result of the learning curve with these advancements.

A backup recording plan has been implemented to mitigate future recording issues.

Both Council and Board of Health will reaffirm all motions from the Dec. 7 meetings at a Special Board of Health and a Special Council meeting which will be held on Thursday, Dec. 9.