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Local business experts, industry volunteers and County staff continue to work toward the development of an economic recovery strategy for the local community.

The Norfolk County Economic Recovery Task Force – comprised of representatives from a wide range of sectors – was appointed to advise Council on recovery efforts and to develop a plan that, in addition to identifying and prioritizing economic initiatives, could also help the community become more resilient to future instability.

The volunteers are working with staff to outline the current economic situation in Norfolk County, review programs and projects, increase preparedness for potential funding opportunities or government-stimulus packages, along with bringing forward and evaluating a range of ideas from various stakeholders.

“We need to do more to help our local businesses during these tough times,” says Carl Atkinson, the task force’s chair. “The impact of COVID-19 on the local economy has been widespread, affecting everything from our smallest businesses to our large agricultural and manufacturing companies.”

The task force is considering a wide range of ideas, from small, low-budget activities to larger, more transformational projects.

The group is currently reaching out to the boards of various Chambers, BIAs and Advisory Boards seeking input to help identify the highest priorities for immediate economic recovery actions at the County level.  These actions will form the basis of a short-term plan that will be brought to Council by the end of the year.  Following this initial consultation, the taskforce will continue to provide ways for additional priorities and project ideas to be brought forward in 2021, to continue efforts for economic recovery and resilience.

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