Budget 2023 graphic

Today, Norfolk County budget committee completed a phase one review of the 2023-2032 capital plan.

This included a review of projects for asset management and requisitions from boards and agencies for the 2023 budget and forecast period. The committee approved 2023 budgets for these project categories in the amount of $50,317,000.

Phase one of the approval will allow staff to initiate projects in a timely manner, and take advantage of more favourable procurement timing. A few strategic changes were made by Council, resulting in a one per cent decrease to the total proposed capital expenditures for 2023.

The budget committee will meet again in January to complete their review of the 2023-2032 capital plan. This will include the remainder of the capital plan, which is new/incremental capital and studies.

Review of phase two for water and wastewater supported projects with occur on Jan. 11, 2023 –  and January 18 and 19 will conclude review for the Levy supported projects.

Additional information on the 2023 budget can be found at norfolkcounty.ca/budget2023.