Yesterday, Norfolk County’s budget committee approved the 2022 levy-supported operating budget.

The committee made only one change to the proposed budget; the addition of the South Central Ontario Region (SCOR) membership.

The revised net tax levy is $110,474,400, a 3.2 per cent increase over 2021. This translates to an annual increase of $74.28, or 2.4 per cent on the property taxes of the median home with an assessed value of $240,000.

This is a largely business as usual budget, with the most significant driver being the removal of 2021’s $2 million levy relief strategy. Total 2022 net operational changes were $1,442,800.

Included in the budget are two notable service level enhancements; establishing a Norfolk Community Day and an additional By-Law Enforcement student to address parking enforcement.

“I’m very pleased with staff and the Committee for the work that they have done,” said budget chair, Linda Vandendriessche. “This was not something that have been derived in one day. This is a combination of days of work, many days of preparation.”

The budget is not final until ratified by Council on January 18.

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