Water and Wastewater Billing and Collection

By-Law 2023-84

Water and Wastewater Rates 2024 — Basic Charges

Meter Size (mm)

Basic Water Charge ($/Month)

Basic Wastewater Charge ($/Month)

15 and 19*

31.23 43.00
25 51.79 71.31
40 86.69 119.38
50 218.81 301.31
75 252.41 347.58
100 494.26 680.59
150 887.64 1,222.30
*most residential meters are 15 or 19mm

Water and wastewater volumetric charges

Water Consumption Charge $2.146/cubic metre
Wastewater Volumetric $2.782/cubic metre

Hauled water charge

Water Bulk Rate $4.41/cubic metre

Flat rates (Basic Charge plus volumetric charge of 20 cubic metres per month)

Flat Water Rate $74.14/month
Flat Wastewater Rate $98.64/ month

Hauled wastewater charges

Septic waste disposal $70.24/cubic metre
Holding tank disposal $13.94/cubic metre
Leachate disposal $9.93/cubic metre

Standby charges

When a premise is unoccupied for an extended period, a customer should have the County shut off the water service. The standard service charge covers fixed costs unrelated to a volume of consumption and this is applied even when the water is shut off.

(i) Per month (water and sewer) $74.22
(ii) Per month (water only) $31.23

Miscellaneous charges

Water Turn On/Off – Only county staff are allowed to operate the property line valve

Water turned on or off (during normal working hours) $102.00 each
Water turned on/off on the same day (during normal working hours) $102.00 each
Water turned off or on (after normal working hours) $239.00 each


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