Norfolk County FlagOn October 24, 2006 Norfolk County Council approved the adoption of a Norfolk County Flag. Norfolk County staff, in collaboration with members of the Norfolk Heritage Committee, have worked diligently together to develop the colours and final outcome of the new flag. It has now been produced and is available.

The flag depicts the dogwood flower on a dark green background which symbolizes the following:

  • The dark green background represents the lush agriculture prevalent across Norfolk County
  • The Dogwood is a Carolinian species native to Norfolk
  • The four bracts (petal-like white leaves) surrounding the dogwood flower buds are symbolic of the four former municipalities (Norfolk, Delhi, Simcoe and Nanticoke ) that comprise the new Norfolk County .
  • The nine golden seeds represent the current Norfolk County government with eight Councillors and one Mayor. It also represents the first “local government” of Norfolk County organized in 1850 to include seven townships (Charolotteville, Houghton, Middleton, Townsend, Walsingham, Windham and Woodhouse) and one town (Simcoe) – surrounding the new Norfolk County.

Flags sell for $61.00 + HST.

To purchase a flag call 519-426-5870 Ext 0 or visit in person at 185 Robinson Street, Simcoe.

Or at one of the County’s Museums

Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

Waterford Museum

Port Dover Harbour Museum