In 2001 County Council sought input from the community for a song for the County. It was to feature the unique and inviting qualities of Norfolk County as well as the people who live in the County. The desired effect was that the song would solicit civic pride as well as be a song that the community at large, school children and visitors would easily recognize and enjoy.

There were four submissions that were carefully reviewed, and the song “Norfolk County” by Tom Swiech of Waterford was chosen for its musicality as well as content.

Verse 1:

On a strip of sandy soil,
Lies a county called Norfolk.
Its Ontario’s south coast you know
And it’s surely not remote

If you pass through or spend a day
Or decide to call it home,
You’ll see why we love it here
And are proud to call it our own.


Norfolk, Norfolk, my southern county home.
Norfolk, Norfolk, we know you can’t go wrong.
With the friendly folk of Norfolk,
You won’t be a stranger long.

Verse 2:

Take in the small town atmosphere.
Be amazed at all that we grow,
Like our kids that go and see the world
And can’t wait to return home.

Drop a line in a placid lake
Or stroll along the shore.
Take a tour on a peaceful country road
You’re bound to be back for more.

Verse 3:

With hard work, we’ve built a dream
That only willing hands could do.
It’s on display at our fall fairs
And at all the festivals too.

Erie beaches, carolinian forests
Where flowering dogwoods bloom;
Patchwork fields and rolling hills
It’s just the place for you.

Repeat chorus and add:

Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk
You won’t be a stranger long.

The song cannot be reproduced without written permission of Norfolk County. It’s available on CD for $10.

For more information or to obtain a CD, contact:

Customer Service 519-426-5870