Norfolk County Council has awarded the contract for Water & Wastewater Billing and Collection Services to ERTH Corporation for a 5-year term. ERTH will provide water/wastewater billing and collections services on behalf of Norfolk County to all water and wastewater customers beginning February 1, 2017.

The County’s water and wastewater customers currently are charged for their water and wastewater usage by Norfolk Water and Wastewater on behalf of Norfolk County. After completing a detailed competitive bid process for a new provider, Norfolk County selected ERTH as the successful bidder. ERTH will provide the billing and collections services to the County under its brand name, ERTH Solutions.

This change is primarily administrative. It will have no effect on how the County delivers water and wastewater services, nor will it affect how rates are set. Norfolk County customers will continue to receive safe, reliable water and wastewater services from the County. Staff are working closely with ERTH Solutions to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible for our customers. There will be a few changes communicated to customers through billing inserts, direct mailings, and through ERTH’s and the County’s websites. The customers will have similar payment options that they’ve become accustomed to. Customers who are currently set up with pre-authorized payments will have this information transferred to ERTH, ensuring continuity of their existing payment arrangements.


Who is ERTH Solutions?

ERTH Corporation currently provides billing services to more than 135,000 customers in 17 communities. It has been providing utility and municipal solutions for many years throughout Ontario and will be using the ERTH Solutions brand to service the customers of Norfolk. ERTH Solutions is also the billing agent for residents of Oxford County.


Have my water/sewer rates changed?

There is no change to how water/wastewater rates are set. The County studies and sets water and wastewater rates on a multi-year cycle. A rate change for Norfolk in January 2017 was previously approved by Council on December 13, 2016 and is not associated with this change in provider.


When will I receive my first bill from ERTH Solutions?

You will receive your first bill from ERTH solutions in early February.

Depending on when your water meter was last read, your first bill could be anywhere from 25 to 65 days, meaning the amount owing on your first bill may be a little lower or higher than usual. As part of the transition process, some customers may receive another bill later in the month of February to bring the customers into ERTH’s regular billing cycle frequency. Thereafter, your bills will be for approximately 28 to 31 days, as before.


When will I receive my last bill from Norfolk Water & Wastewater?

Norfolk Water & Wastewater will cease billing customers effective January 6, 2016 with due dates ceasing at the end of January. As such, some customers may not receive a bill from Norfolk Water & Wastewater in the month of January and their first bill from ERTH will be for a larger bill period than normal.


Will my due date change?

The due dates for many customers will be changing and we encourage customers to watch for such changes in the month of February and March. Billing periods and due dates depend on when each meter is read and there will be an initial transition period to adjust bill dates and due dates to align with a revised meter reading and billing schedule.


Will any unpaid bills owing to Norfolk Water and Wastewater be transferred?

Water bills issued by Norfolk Water & Wastewater should be paid to Norfolk Water & Wastewater prior to the end of January. Starting in February, bills issued by ERTH Solutions should be paid to ERTH Solutions. Any outstanding balance owing to Norfolk Water and Wastewater will be transferred to ERTH Solutions and will be subject to late payment fees if they remain overdue.

Please note that Norfolk Water & Wastewater cannot accept payments after January 27, 2017.


What are my payment options?

There are many convenient ways to pay your bill. Options include:

  • In-person payments made through your bank
  • By cheque through Canada Post mailed to: PO Box 270, Dorchester, ON N0L 1G0
  • Pre-authorized payments (PAP)
  • Telephone or online banking. ERTH Solutions is recognized by all major banks.

Note: In-person payments for water/wastewater bills will not be accepted at any Norfolk County offices.


I currently pay via telephone/online banking. How will this impact me?

You will need to set up ERTH Solutions as a payee on your online or telephone banking and add your new water account number received on your first bill.


I use pre-authorized payments for my bill. Will my information be automatically transferred to the new system?

Yes, customers currently enrolled in PAP will automatically be re-enrolled to ERTH Solutions’ pre-authorized payment program. If you wish to opt-out, please call Norfolk Water & Wastewater at 519-426-6014