Norfolk County safely reopened the Delhi Kinsmen Pool on June 14th.

A number of protocols are  in place to help keep swimmers and the community safe and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Please note: Change rooms are not available. Please arrive in your bathing suit, ready to swim. 


Pre-registration is required.

  • Please pre-register and pay for all swims before you arrive at the pool.
  • Registration can be done online via NORA or by telephone at 519-426-8866 Ext 2233.


Registration opens at 7 a.m. on then the Monday of the week before. (e.g. Swims for the week of July 12 open Monday, July 5 for registration— see schedules.)

There are no refunds. Changes or cancellations can be done up to 48 hours in advance of your swim for a credit on your account. 

Schedule—July 30th- August 15th, 2021


Aquafit ($10.00 per person)

Limited to 10 swimmers

This is an instructor-led program that will help you get fit and have fun 6 days a week.  The program is good for all ages and abilities. Spaces will be available for you to either work out in the shallow end or put a belt on and get fit from the deeper water.  Instructors are trained to accommodate the program for all levels and water depths.  Please join us, listen to some music, meet new people, stay cool, and have fun while you exercise.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:15 AM
Wednesday 6:15 PM
Sunday 11:15 AM


Open Swim ($5.00 per person)

Limited to 28 swimmers

Open to families and the general public.

Weekdays 1:15 PM; 2:15 PM; 7:15 PM
Saturday and Sunday 2:15 PM; 3:15 PM; 6:45 PM


No swims on Monday, August 2.

Adult Only Swim ($5.00 per person) 

Limited to 24 swimmers


Tuesday and Thursday  3:15 PM



Lengths & Leisure Swim ($5.00 per person)

Limited to 4 for Lengths and to 10 for Leisure

Four lane ropes will be put in for length swimmers, while the rest of the pool will be set up as a leisure swim.

Daily 12:15 PM



Family Swim ($10.00 per family)

Limited to 30 swimmers

These swims are open to families only. ALL children must be accompanied in the pool by an adult. COVID-19 restrictions have reduced the number of participants to 30 swimmers only.

Saturday 1:15 PM & 5:45 PM
Sunday 1:15 PM & 5:45 PM
Wednesday 3:15 PM

Sensory Swim ($5.00 per person)

Limited to 15 swimmers

This special swim will allow individuals with sensory sensitivities the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of water in a comfortable setting (may include sensory-friendly toys, fewer people, no music, and more).  Swimmers ages 3 years and younger or those who may be incontinent MUST wear a swim diaper.  Swim diapers for children under 3 are available for sale at the customer service desk.  Support persons will be admitted FREE of charge. If more than 1 support person is required, please contact customer service at 519-426-5870 x2233 or email [email protected]

Sunday 4:30 PM

Preschool Playtime ($5.00 per person)

Limited to 24 swimmers

This is a swim for parents/caregivers to bring their little ones that are 5 years and younger. It is not an instructor-led program. There will be a basket of equipment/toys for you and your little swimmer to use to explore and enjoy in the water.

Children 2 years of age or younger are FREE, however, must be pre-registered. If registering online the $5 charge will automatically be required. Patrons must then call the customer service desk to receive the reduced fee. Or call customer service to avoid having to pay upfront.

Monday & Friday 3:15 PM



Adult Swim & Gym ($10.00 per person)

Limit of 7 people. 

This is a fun unique program combining land and water training. It is a great workout that includes core, upper and lower body exercises on land, as well as, workouts in the pool that will improve your strength and endurance. Participants must be able to swim 100 m and tread water for 1 min. You will need to bring the following: proper footwear for land training, a yoga mat or extra towel to lay on, a water bottle, and goggles. COVID-19 restrictions have reduced the number of participants to 7 swimmers only.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:15 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM