After registration has been completed there will be no refunds, program credits, or changes to days requested granted for recreation programs, with the exception of medical reasons.

After a Program starts refunds will only be granted for Medical Reasons according to the following guidelines:

  1. All refunds must be requested in writing on the approved form (a form can be obtained at the Simcoe Recreation Centre, Culver Street Office, or Delhi Kinsmen Pool (seasonal).
  2. A valid doctor/dentist statement must be submitted.
  3. Approved refunds granted after the program has begun will be prorated from the date of notification to (or by) the Parks and Recreation Department (SRC Admin) or Administrative & Client Services (Culver St.).
  4. Please note – Program trips require reservation weeks ahead of time and as a result Norfolk County will not process refunds for person wishing a refund (no exceptions).

Refund Processing

Approved refunds will only be issued by cheque. There will be no refunds applied to Visa or MasterCard. A $5.00 administration fee will be applied at time of processing.

Program Credits

Approved credits can be made to a Class Account and will be valid for a maximum of two (2) years from date of issue. There is no administration fee that applies.

Please note: Requested refund cheques take approximately two to four weeks to process, according to the County’s accounts payable procedure. Refunds will be mailed to your residence. Cash or credit card refunds will not be issued.

Private Lessons

Private lessons will not be rescheduled or refunded except when the program has been cancelled by Norfolk County.

Post Dated Cheque Options

(Programs Only / Does not apply to Swim Lessons)

  1. Norfolk County Community Services will accept post-dated cheques/visa/MasterCard as an option of payment if you are unsure of definite dates required.
  2. Post-dated cheques MUST be written as cashable on the dates provided by the Program Staff during registration – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Changes to registration dates will be granted if, and only if, the request is made in writing on the approved form (form can be obtained at the Simcoe Recreation Centre or Culver Street Office) AND the request is received no later than the Friday prior to the date the post date is cashed. Once the post-date has entered into the deposit system (8:30 am on the date the cheque is cashable) there will be NO recourse except for medical reasons noted above.

Please note: Norfolk County reserves the right to cancel any programs/course at which time all registrants would be notified.

Disclaimer: If a program/class is cancelled by Norfolk County, the participant will receive a full refund or credit (no administration fee applicable). If Norfolk County Staff removed a child from a program or course for behavioural purposes – THERE WILL BE NO REFUND or PROGRAM CREDIT GRANTED.