The Study

Norfolk County has retained LEA Consulting Ltd. (LEA) to develop a forward-thinking, comprehensive parking policy, that includes the management and implementation timelines that are consistent with the County’s Official Plan (2018), Comprehensive Zoning By-law (2014) and design guidelines for parking options.

The overall goal of this Study is to:

  • Develop a vision, guiding principles and policy framework that addresses identified parking issues with the broader economic, social and environmental goals of Norfolk County;
  • Develop a business and financial model for parking and enforcement options;
  • Develop an implementation strategy that includes recommendations on timing, priorities, and resources.


In recent years Norfolk County has completed focused studies on a variety of parking-related studies, aimed at determining seasonal parking practices and paid parking studies.  Beyond downtown areas, the urban waterfront area offers a different set of issues with respect to parking.  The County wishes to continue its policy of ensuring good principles of urban design, and ensure that streets are designed to accommodate multimodality, including active transportation, automobiles, service vehicles and public transit.  This study will focus on developing a Comprehensive, County-wide Parking Study that includes examining parking policy in all contexts, that is consistent with the County’s Official Plan (2018), Comprehensive Zoning By-law (2014) and related design guidelines.

The Process

The study will be conducted in two phases.  Phase 1 of the study will articulate the link between identified parking issues and the broader economic, social and environmental goals as well as planning, access, mobility and urban design objectives and develop a vision, guiding principle and policy framework with respect to the County-wide Comprehensive Parking Study.

Phase 2 will include developing options that include a business and financial model for parking and enforcement options.  This includes developing a detailed implementation strategy that will include recommendations on timing, priorities, and resource requirements as well as targets.


Norfolk County values input from its community and is dedicated to having a dialogue with the community that is open, transparent, accessible, and inclusive.  Norfolk County welcomes members of the public to utilize the public engagement platform EngageNorfolk to contribute to the Norfolk County Comprehensive Parking Study.  The Project Team will engage and collaborate with the public and stakeholders to learn and discuss the evolving role of parking in the community, the cost of parking, parking requirements, and any other parking-related issues.

An in-person public meeting on the study has been scheduled on May 17, 2023. Visit EngageNorfolk for details.

Following the completion of the study, a draft and final Comprehensive Parking Study will be made available for review.

Contact Us

For further information about this Study, including ongoing updates, please visit If you would like to be added to the mailing list and be kept informed of this study, or submit questions or comments at any time during the study, please add your name to the project contact list.


Information is being collected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.