Target 10 – Going for 10% more Recycling

Target 10 is Norfolk County’s campaign to encourage residents to recycle 10% more of the recyclables that come into our homes.

Since we introduced the “Simple Sort” Tall and small 2-box system in 2011 we’re diverting 30% of our waste into recycling programs! That’s great work, Norfolk!

Now we’re aiming for 40%, so we’re asking you to dig deeper into your household garbage and pull out all of the recyclables and other materials and items that don’t belong there.

To check which recyclables you might be missing, go to the "Simple Sort" 2-Box Recycling Guide

Believe it or not, lots of recyclables are still going to landfill, and that’s a waste. In today’s world, plastic, paper, metal and glass packaging can be reused many times over to make new products. Every time those materials go to landfill instead of to recycling, it not only fills up our landfill site unnecessarily, it means the resources used to make them, including raw materials, energy and water, are wasted. It has been proven that recycling cuts pollution, contributes to a healthier environment and creates jobs.

What else can you do to help Norfolk achieve “Target 10”?

Used Electronics Collection – Click here for more information

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

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